Supply Chain Management 

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A platform that provides end-to-end look at shipments in the supply chain and provide actionable insights covering the different stages, enabling users to better analyse, plan and implement new systems.

Design Team, Piktorlabs

Saurav Harsh
Sunil Kumar G
Elango B
Sandeep J Shridhar
Stephen Mathew
VP of Design
VP of Design
Sr Director, Products

Design Process

What is Supply Chain?

In its simplest form a supply chain is the activities required by the organisation to deliver goods or services to the consumer. A supply chain is a focus on the core activities within our organisation required to convert raw materials or component parts through to finished products or services.

Challenges Faced
Lead times Delays  Time zone differences  Transportation costs Customer services Data management Supply chain visibility  Adapting with technology
Cargo Owners: Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers
Residents: Consumers, Advocacy groups
Distributers: Carriers, 3PLs, Freight forwarders
Planners & Regulators: National, State, City

Primary Research


  • Handling exceptions is a vary manual and time consuming process
  • Problem solving is experience based, relying on gut instinct
  • Disruptions across the supply chain need to be communicated on time & efficiently
  • Retailers would need the platform to judge the performances of their vendors and carriers in-order to maintain a good relationship with them
  • Any change in the shipment has a cascading effect all over the supply chain. One of the roles is dedicated for disaster-recovery, 24x7 active.

Mind Mapping



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Digitalisation and Automation should Ideally lead to increased efficiency, bringing transparency across the system that can help in taking better steps forward.
There is an ocean of data for us to face, so we must make sense of it and connect the dots for understanding the larger picture

“Visibility—and trust—are the only sure routes to resilience in the supply chain” — Jonathan Colehower

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