Speculative Design Future
The project aims to spark debate amongst the viewers and get their opinions on what future a product such as Mindstreamer could lead to, and wether such a product should be put out in our society and day to day lives or not.

The new Mindstreamer can single handedly take care of all your entertainment needs. With the new Gen AI, it makes use of enhanced Neural Activity Detection and analyses Biochemical Releases through your Brain, along with 2nd gen Sipher Sight, Sound Recognition and state of the art Motion Sensors.
With this new kind of data, you no longer need to rely on manual input. Mindstreamer knows exactly what music you want to hear at the moment, or a movie that you’d like or a book just for your needs, better than anybody else.

It knows you better than you know yourself!


No conscious effort is required to listen to music with the implant. It knows all and will create music based on your taste, situation and data.

With this breakthrough, even animals can listen to the music that they like and prefer. Emotionally, we are all the same. So what is your pet cow listening to today?


Tired of choosing from the endless sea of content? With Mindstreamer, just sit back and relax. It creates movies that you’d love to watch today, at this moment.

Side perk: It’s hard to understand what your kids want, so let mindstreamer keep your kids entertained 24/7. It’s built with child safety so no need for any worry.


Mindstreamer’s writing capability is unparalleled. It gives you a live book, where every page is written just the moment you flip to it.

Mindstreamer updates its understanding of you every second and formulates what is going to excite you on the upcoming page. A story, only for you.

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About the Project

The project was conceived as part of an exhibition where users would visually engage with the prototype and props which could spark their imagination, eventually asking them to choose a future from the different sets of headlines that they find most likely to happen in the scenario presented to them. Making them a co-designer of the proposed speculative future.